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Theatre, Television and Film, San Diego State University presents Anon(ymous) by Naomi Iizuka, a contemporary tale of a young refugee’s journey across America.

Directed by Randy Reinholz
Date: September 29th-October 8th
Location: SDSU Experimental Theatre
Doors open: 7pm, and two matinees on Sundays
Admission: $15-20

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Photograph: Asylum Access

This blog is maintained by student Dramaturg, Eli Chung, and Assistant Dramaturg Stephanie Kwik. On this site, you will find information about the 2017 SDSU production of Anon(ymous), and highlights of the extraordinary journey of refugees and immigrants——people who are displaced from their homes due to reasons of conflict, violence, disaster, persecution, and economic hardship; people who, through courage and perseverance, find themselves new homes in the spirit of a contemporary odyssey.

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Anon(ymous) promotion photo by Ken Jacques and Lizbeth Price

The complete script of Iizuka’s Anon(ymous) could be found on Playscript.com here.

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  • The Odyssey, Kindle Edition on Amazon
  • The Lightless Sky: A Twelve-Year-Old Refugee’s Extraordinary Journey Across Half the World (2017) by Gulwali Passarlay
  • The New Odyssey: The Story of the Twenty-First-Century Refugee Crisis (2016) by Patrick Kingsley
  • City of Thorns (2016) by Ben Rawlence
  • Where the Wind Leads: a memoir (2014) by Vinh Chung, with Tom Downs